“It was my dream to build an Ethiopia where foreigners would come not to report on drought and poverty, but to invest in our country…this is proof that the struggle was not in vain.”

- Late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi on Flow Equity portfolio company Mekelle Farms
December 10, 2011

Our Companies

Flow Equity builds model companies in Ethiopia in markets that can achieve scale. Our competitive advantage is in cultivating high performing management teams on the ground. We believe that our portfolio will contribute to the growth, transformation, and contribution of the Ethiopian private sector to economic development in the country and the region.

Flow Equity is currently building two companies in Ethiopia:

Mekelle Farms

MF-LogoMekelle Farms is a leading poultry company in Ethiopia.  We supply improved breeds, inputs, and management methods to a network of entrepreneurial farmers whom we develop into successful, profitable links to rural farmers throughout the country. Our mission is not only to be a successful and profitable company, but also to improve the nutrition and livelihoods of rural Ethiopians and to build the skills of our workforce.

AgFlow Farms

agflowAgFlow Farms‘s mission is to build a modern mechanized commercial farm, catalyze the development of a vibrant soybean industry, and supply the animal feed market of the region. Building a successful nucleus farm will enable AgFLow Farms to supply local growers with improved varietals of soybean and maize, processing their outputs and linking them with the global economy.